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Regelis National Authority

Regelian Legal Actions


Merits of Freedom


Child Labor
Community Commercial Control
Found Wealth


Levels of Classification

International Legal Actions

Status Legend

-- Hostile
- Unfriendly
o Neutral
+ Friendly
++ Ally

Mutually Recognized States

Almendrian Communist Union -- Hostile (Violated Peace Negotiation)
Commonwealth of Naveria + Friendly (Treaty)
Crowned Republic of Yu-Xia + Friendly (Treaty)
Free Nation of New Athens + Friendly (Treaty)
Grand Duchy of Misberia + Friendly (Treaty)
Grand Kingdom of Matachewan + Friendly (Treaty)
Grand Republic of Cycoldia + Friendly (Treaty)
Imperium of Orini-Cimbrun ++ Ally (Through LIN)
Nexan Republic, The ++ Ally (Through LIN)
Republic of Elysium + Friendly (Written Affirmation)
Pametchia + Friendly (Written Affirmation)
Principality of Nordika + Friendly (Treaty)
Principality of Sealand, The o Neutral (De Facto Via E-Mail Correspondence)
Principality of Ustea + Friendly (Treaty)
Queendom of Sunsonia + Friendly (Treaty)
Sun Republic, The + Friendly (Written Affirmation)
Technocratic Republic of Theodia + Friendly (Treaty)
United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark + Ally (Treaty)

Unilaterally Recognized States

State of Vishwamitra + Neutral (Treaty Nullified)
All Member States of the UN not in other sections
All Member States of the CU not in other sections
All Member States of the LIN not in other sections

Regelis National Authority