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Regelis National Authority

Grant Programs

Grant programs are currently available for registration, with no fees, by contacting or by joining the Regelis discord server.

For those seeking grant proposals, the following information is required for the query to be processed and responded to efficiently. Failure to provide any of the information for the proposal will result in the immediate dismissal of the proposal, and forfeiture of any fees related to its submission application.

Required is: the full legal name, RID, date of birth, contact address, telephone number, and email address of the primary applicant; a list of the names, RIDs, and dates of birth of each other signatory to the grant proposal, a one page summary of the grant proposal in the form of a cover letter, the remainder of the grant proposal in full, the pay schedule that the proposal is applying to receive, a letter of recommendation by a member of your local court signed notary public, and the name of the sole-propitiatory, organization, or business as well as its RID and any relevant founding documents for that organization or business.

Grant Pay Schedule

Grants from the government of Regelis come in 3 categories, which determine pay schedules. Theoretical, Prospective, and Vital.

Theoretical grants are for any research program of a theoretical scientific nature meant to discover new science or advance current scientific understanding. Which pays out 365.25H per quarter, per signatory of the grant proposal.

Prospective grants are for proposals which mean to create and develop a device or invention which has been proven and expected to work upon completion. The purpose of this grant to allow a means for the device to be constructed for the benefit of mankind, and not necessarily for self-benefit. This schedule pays 730.5H per quarter, per signatory of the proposal.

Vital grants are for proposals which need escalation or expeditious completion, either due to national security sensitivity, to counter and oppose some kind of imminent threat, to offset the effects of a black swan event or outside context problem, or to expedite the completion of a technology or product with an extraordinarily high public demand. The pay schedule for vital grant proposals is quarterly per person, but has no upper limit. These special circumstances require specific government intervention and inspection.

Regelis National Authority