The Regelis Emergency Alert Notification System (REANS) is expanding to Twitter.
Regelis National Authority

Stronger United

We believe in every single person's ability to create great things and live great lives. We want to do everything in our nation's power to make that dream possible. Regelis will give everything it can to meet that goal and forge a future free of regret, free of pain, and free from the failure to meet the needs of the human condition.



The government of Regelis is a complex one. Learn about how it operates, who your leadership is, how to participate, and vote.


Regelis' government is separated into eleven different offices (or ministries) whom each are responsible to tasks assigned to them as delegated by the Council.


Though limited, our government does provide a number of services; to both its citizens, and to its international allies.


Our small but co-ordinated military personnel defend Regelis domestically, and provide aid to those who need it internationally. By the shield, not by the sword.


In times like these, looking for a job can be difficult. No matter the situation, due to Regelis' unique economic model a day's pay is only eight hours away. Our government always has work available.


View the constitution of Regelis, and other documentation related to Regelian law, including domestic law for both civil and state courts, as well as international treaties and declassified documents.


Our nations is relatively young, but that does me we don't have a heritage. A nation spawned by the intelligent organization, and ingenuity of white hat hacker culture. Find out how we've helped liberate knowledge for all.


Are you looking to obtain Regelian citizenship? Look no further. Visit here to learn about the benefits of citizenship, and complete your identity registration.


Want to open a business in Regelis? We want to see you do that to. Not just open, but to succeed. Reach out and employ the citizens of Regelis, and bring our economy a new, diverse range of products and services.
Regelis National Authority