Land Domain

Defends the land of Regelis through superior performance. Regelis' land troops are not referred to as an army, because they are trained not to expect extranational attack. Rather they are trained on homeland soil to protect the nation itself, as a shield rather than a sword. As is the national motto of Regelis.


Sea Domain

One of the few domains that Regelis operates internationally within. It is planned that the navy of Regelis will be its strongest branch and fighting force. Existing to protect the international interests and shipping vessels of the nation, they maintain and which Regelian ships in international waters.

Air Force

Air Domain

Defends the airspace of Regelis. Almost all planned aircraft of the military are fighter interceptors, with some air carriers, and very few reconnaissance aircraft. Because Regelis does not intend to act internationally, it performs multi-role operations for national defense.


Space Domain

Despite its name, the Regelis Organization of Space Exploration (ROSE) is intra-military branch of the Regelian miliary's five domain of war organizational structure. The official job of ROSE is to act as a general purpose space exploration organization, with the intention of settling and permanently occupying space in the complete sense. Members of this organization are simultaneously enlisted personnel of the Regelian military, even though most do not perform military duties, and are assigned to instead complete scientific research objectives. However, some of the resources allocated to ROSE are used to fund military project, objectives, and satellite launches. ROSE also intends to weaponize its spacecraft in the event of international 4th domain war. It also maintains military equipment in space, and moving forward an agenda of space colonization, the construction of space stations, and Regelian militarization of the space domain. Under the assumption that the space domain of war would otherwise be a threat to a vulnerable Regelis'.


Cyberspace Domain

The most important domain of Regelis in this age of information is the Sentry. This cybermilitary branch defends the nation against extranational attacks, frauds, computer crimes, and child endangerment or exploitation. Along with the Sentry is Regelis' intelligence office First Intelligence; Second Tactics (FIST), which gathers information for the nation's military benefit.

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