Regelis, unlike most micronations provides benefits for its citizenship.


Primarily, our nation has established a strong economic foundation with it's Houro currency. The strength of the houro allows us to pay each citizen a daily UBI, regardless as to whether they are working or not. Every Regelian citizen over the age of 15 is entitled to this universal basic income program.

Business and Non-Profit Resources

Citizens of Regelis have access to a wide range of business, computer aided, graphic, and digital design resources and manpower. Businesses of Regelis may recruit civil manpower for non-labor business, non-profit, and charitable organizations. For labor businesses, non-specialized civil manpower is available at a rate of 1 Houro per hour. With Specialized services available at higher rates upon request of the government.


It is of the utmost priority that the citizenship of Regelis remain safe and secure, even when they are abroad. Despite the reason or length of your visit, so long as it is legal, you are entitled to the full protection of Regelian law enforcement and military should you come to need its aim, or come to harm.


Regelian citizens are permitted to vote in general election for legislation and for representative leadership. When it comes to legislation, our voting is directly democratic. A majority vote will enact into law swiftly, allowing the nation to evolve to meet changing ideals. Votes for leadership are done through our meritocratic democracy system, where through preferential voting, citizens elect members of their field to lead each field.

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